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The Thomas House, or Thomas Hotel, in Greenville, Illinois was a home for older men. Most of these men had a past involving Alton State Mental Hospital.

The building was an old wooden-frame house. It had been a hotel at one point in time, probably in the early 1900's. That can be seen in the side-walk.

When I was young, visiting my relatives in Greenville, I was always fascinated by the place, and the mysterious old men who never seemed to leave the large porch or the steps leading up to it. When I was studying journalism at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville I went back, and did a photo-essay. These are the pictures.

Greenville was, and is, a small town; a town where everyone knows everyone else. These men were an exception. People walked by. They were not residents, even though they would never move from this house.

What struck me then, and even now, is that there were quite a few residents of Thomas House, but they had little or nothing to do with each other.

None of these men are living now. The house has been torn down and there is no trace of it ever being there.